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Readers found this book works - when others haven't

You've probably read plenty of books which promised to turn you into a happy, rich and successful person. Books filled with brilliant ideas that were finally going to transform your life. However, if you're like most people, you'll find a year later not much has actually changed in your life.

The problem is that 'knowing' what to do and being able to do it are two entirely different things.

- Permanent change requires both the logical and the emotional circuits of your brain to be re-wired.

- Your brain is not a computer that can be re-programmed by simply running 'different thoughts' through your mind.

Formula 1 Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr Spackman explains, with fascinating examples taken from real life, the tools he developed to transform the performance of world class athletes and corporate executives.

The Winner's Bible is rooted in proven scientific research and a riveting read that will show you how to rise above your natural limits.

  • Latest talk given by Kerry for Reason and Passion group at Auckland University July 2014 talking about moral scale - watch here.
  • Kerry talks about how thoughts and beliefs are more powerful than nuclear weapons and in order for them to be used for the good of society we need to consider what thoughts we are surrounding ourselves with and what impact they are having in the world - watch here. 
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Rewire your brain for permanent change

Expert Comments

"Well done on writing the best ever book on how to become a winner! The whole time you kept me spellbound with all the interesting stories and fascinating explanations. I couldn''t put the book down. I came back to it time and again as I worked on improving myself. Unlike other books, you don't just tell us what winners should do - you first show us what goes on inside our brain and then how we can supercharge it to become who and what we want to be."
Ian Ferguson - winner of four Olympic gold medals

What readers are saying...

"Hi Kerry. I know Im just one of most likely thousands of feedback - so like many, I would like to express my excitement (and surprise to be honest) at having started reading your book but about 14 days ago, and within that time I have fulfilled two of my desires that I have been thinking about for quite some time!!!! […] I have been always open to making myself a better person and have read MANY books on self improvement and whilst they all contribute to the whole I can honestly say that NOTHING has come to me faster than what I have experienced with using your methods. Its also fantastic for my kids to witness as they can grow up believing that dreams CAN and DO come true. Thanx Kerry."
C.L - NZ

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