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Readers found this book works - when others haven't

You've probably read plenty of books which promised to turn you into a happy, rich and successful person. Books filled with brilliant ideas that were finally going to transform your life. However, if you're like most people, you'll find a year later not much has actually changed in your life.

The problem is that 'knowing' what to do and being able to do it are two entirely different things.

- Permanent change requires both the logical and the emotional circuits of your brain to be re-wired.

- Your brain is not a computer that can be re-programmed by simply running 'different thoughts' through your mind.

Formula 1 Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr Spackman explains, with fascinating examples taken from real life, the tools he developed to transform the performance of world class athletes and corporate executives.

The Winner's Bible is rooted in proven scientific research and a riveting read that will show you how to rise above your natural limits.

  • Latest talk given by Kerry for Reason and Passion group at Auckland University July 2014 talking about moral scale - watch here.
  • Kerry talks about how thoughts and beliefs are more powerful than nuclear weapons and in order for them to be used for the good of society we need to consider what thoughts we are surrounding ourselves with and what impact they are having in the world - watch here. 
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Rewire your brain for permanent change

Expert Comments

"In the Winner's Bible, Dr Kerry Spackman walks us through the neuroscience of both in a clear and accessible way that is well illustrated both visually and by many examples, and through his own very personal experiences. The book is inspirational, fascinating and informative, and I believe will create far more winners in the broadest sense of the term in these times of opportunity, and uncertainty."
Sir John Whitmore - author of the international bestseller Coaching for Performance

What readers are saying...

"Could you please pass my thanks onto Kerry. This is best book I have ever read. I have read every self help book under the sun and this is the only book that has given me belief that I can change my brain. In a nut shell I left school and played full time golf for two years with the dream of turning professional. Unfortunately I did not believe in myself one bit. Whilst I knew this had stemmed from an extremely hard up-bringing from my father everything i tried didn't work. Whilst I became a plus one golfer and beat most of the top golfers in the country I couldn't overcome my demons. In conjunction with the loss on my father, a dysfunctional relationship and not believing in myself i walked away from my dream at the age of 21. After reading Kerry's book I have realised this dream has never left me. Now at 31 my life is perfect in every way. I have an amazing wife, job, house, car and I'm physically in the best shape of my life. After reading Kerry's book I'm ready to complete my dream or at least not die wondering :-). I went out to [a local golf course] to test 1) I still had the natural ability, 2) If i could put my mind to it and 3) Whether i could enjoy the game. I played 9 holes which included 2 bogey's, 5 par's, a birdie and 'hole in one' eagle. One under the card with no practice, playing for months & without the application of Kerry's tools. Thanks for giving me the belief I can achieve my dream. Whilst it's a long road a head I will apply and dedicate every moment I have to applying Kerry's tools to permanently rewire my brain to become a professional golfer."
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